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NutriPeople, the therapeutic food supplement

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Just a few weeks back, Reel Innovation took part in the United Nations Week – Business Opportunities Seminar”, held in Madrid, and managed by ICEX. In this event, Reel Innovation had the opportunity to introduce its therapeutic food supplement NutriPeople to the UN procurement officers attending the seminar.

This food supplement is made from creamed fresh fruit surplus which is usually discarded, as it does not meet the European standards of size or color for exports and which would, otherwise, go to waste.

This concept is based on a Circular Economy cycle model, which puts value into this fruit surplus aiming to feed to hungry, and making fresh fruit available to anyone, anywhere in the world.

This product is enriched with vitamins and a protein of vegetable origin, which produce a highly antibacterial and filling nourishment that allows a person to consume the amount of protein needed on a daily basis.

Reel Innovation held meetings with several Procurement officers representing UN agencies such as FAO, UNICEF, UNHCR or the Secretariat, ultimately responsible for procuring all kinds of items for the Blue Helmets in the field.

All agencies Reel had inner views with oriented the company towards a Spanish or international refugee-related supply market, not only for Syrian people (given the current refugee and migrant crisis) but also to other countries and nationalities.

FAO believes that these refugees, up until very recent times, have led relatively normal lives, have had a home and adequate food, but have been forced to leave their homes and countries, and are now a deprived people suffering from the great famine that armed conflicts upon civilian population. It is a very different type of refugee than the one FAO deals with, for example, in African countries, which have nutritional deficiencies that have been prolonged in an extensive manner over time; The vast majority of these people not known a stable home or have never had access to adequate food throughout their lives.

FAO informed of a meeting in Rome, on December 30th, on circular economy. Maria Neira tried the product on the spot, and collected all the information on Nutripeople, both physical and electronic, to be transferred to HQ in Rome.

During the meeting with the Procurement officer of UNICEF, Reel had the opportunity to handover a product presentation to be transfered to HQ in Denmark, where the nutritional specifications are developed.

Likewise, the refugee agency UNHCR collected a sample of the product, to transfer it to HQ in Budapest.

In short, it was a productive meeting, very useful to know the potential of Nutripeople within the United Nations Acquisition System and, although it seems that the way will be a long one, Reel Innovation is committed to see this project through, with the help and information provided by the Procurement officers interviewed, and relying fully on the benefits of the product and its suitability for this new and exciting global market.